Kenya, Britain reaffirm commitment to protecting environment, fighting climate change

Britain and Kenya will jointly invest in programs that seek to combat climate change and protect the environment, officials from the two countries said on Friday.

Rory Stewart, British Secretary of State for International Development who is in Kenya for a two-day visit, said that fighting global warming is at the core of London’s engagement with bilateral partners.

“We will continue to lobby governments to demonstrate leadership by investing in more programs that enhance environmental protection,” said Stewart.

He lauded Kenya for taking the lead in the fight against climate change and called on citizens to continue supporting the government to enable it maintain progress in that front.

Stewart allayed fears that Britain’s exit from the European Union will affect trade and investment between the two countries, asserting that Kenya remains a strong and strategic trading and investment partner to its former colonial partner.

The British official said that exports and imports between the two nations will not be affected by exit from the European Union, adding the current trade relations will be enhanced.

“With a deal or no deal on Brexit, we are keen to maintain the traditional relationship that has been created between Kenya and the United Kingdom,” said Stewart.

Monica Juma, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, said that Kenya will strengthen its bilateral cooperation with Britain to achieve mutual benefits.

“The relationship between Kenya and Britain remain mutually beneficial, robust and friendly; we shall continue to foster the good relations to boost trade and investments which will enable betterment of our citizens,” Juma said.