Talk Africa: East Africa Ebola alert

The Centre for Disease Control classifies Ebola as one of the deadliest viruses known to man.

The largest reported epidemic occurred between 2014 and 2016 in West Africa and it ended with more than 28,000 cases and over 11,000 deaths.

The Democratic Republic of Congo declared a new Ebola outbreak in August 2018 in the North East of the country and the epidemic has continued to spread throughout the region.  Earlier this month it was confirmed that it had been carried over into neighbouring Uganda where 2 people died last week. Kenya and Tanzania have no confirmed cases so far, but are on high alert.

This week we ask if Africa is adequately prepared to deal with such large scale health emergencies? And now that the World Health Organization has declared that the outbreak, “Does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern”, What exactly does this mean for the DRC and the rest of Africa?

With host Beatrice Marshall and panel guests:-

1. Irene Nakasiita –  Coordinator Communications & Public Relations – Uganda RedCross Society, (Kampala)

2. Peterson Wachira, team leader, Ebola warriors Kenya,  (Nairobi)

3. Dr Ngoy Nsenga, Team Leader, WHO Emergency Program in East and Southern Africa, (Nairobi)