Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta hosts Harvard professors


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday hosted a unique group of visitors who are in the country to learn from his vision for the economic growth of Kenya and the wider African continent.

The group comprised of  35 professors from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Harvard, who were on a mission to sit down with the President and listen to his insights on a range of issues covering business and economic transformation.

The team of scholars engaged the Head of State on topics ranging from what propels Kenya as a regional economic powerhouse, his Administration’s policies, Africa’s place in today’s changing world, what he worries most about and what he wants to be remembered for most among other subjects.

“Kenya has shining examples and its economic goals are outstanding. It has unique stories that need to be told,” said Prof Srikant M. Datar who led the team

“We have been impressed by the transformation happening in Kenya and appreciate learning from your leadership and vision,” he added.

On the wider Africa agenda, the President told the professors that the continent was on the rise and his message to the world was that hope is abundant in every region.

President Kenyatta  further noted he was kept awake by concern for Kenya’s youth and the instability affecting some countries in the region.

“I am concerned about the instability in the region in countries like Somalia and South Sudan. I am more concerned about our youth and how to create hope for them so that they wake up looking to the future,” said the President.

Other discussions held revolved around increased investments and start-up innovation firms, delivery of the Big 4 Agenda and the war against corruption

The Harvard Business School has been seeking to prioritise Africa in its teaching, research and case writing.

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