Faces of Africa – Confluence Pt. 1


The world as we know it is fast becoming a global village, thanks to technology, faster  and cheaper modes of travel and the dream of making the world a better place. Humans are travelling from their native homes to far flung places in the world to explore, learn, work and better themselves in one way or the other.

Confluence focuses on China-Africa cultural exchanges and tells the story of three Sino-African friendships: Liu Chen and her Senegalese husband, Wei Yina and her project manager Jeffrey and last but not least two children Liu Jiarui and his friend Almady Diallo.

Liu Chen with her husband Abdoulaye “Billy” Diop and their daughter

Liu Chen studied French at Sichuan University, and then she proceeded to Senegal where she was teaching French in Dakar. Liu has always been passionate about music, especially sub – Saharan music she pursed her passion and in the process she met her husband Abdoulaye “Billy” Diop. Billy and Liu have a child together and they work together to create a genre of music that fuses traditional Chinese music with a dash of Sub Saharan rhythm and flair. Liu and Billy are looking for Chinese root culture in African music.

Wei Yina and Jeffrey Darrell Lucas on a construction site

Wei Yina is a volunteer in the Seychelles Ministry of  Housing and Construction; she is 29 years old and comes from Guangzhou. In the Seychelles she works as an architect at the Seychelles Infrastructure department where she brings her vast expertise in matters architecture to the Island of Seychelles. Wei Yina and her project Manager Jeffrey Darrell Lucas, work together hand in hand to make sure that deadlines are met and that each project is completed satisfactorily and to the highest possible standards.

Almady Diallo and his best friend Liu Jiarui

Liu Jiarui is a six year old Chinese boy living in Kenya with his parents, Liu’s best friend is Almady Diallo  they are neighbors and also attend the same school. The two boys are inseparable doing everything together. Liu is fluent in French which is easier to communicate with Almady who is fluent in French too.

The three stories represent the future of China-Africa relations, family and friendship, an equal relationship with each other, and a higher level of integration between China and Africa.

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