Man found hiding behind car glove box in desperate attempt to enter Europe

An African man was found crammed behind the glove box of a car in a bid to get to Europe.

He was one of four people spotted in vehicles on the same day by authorities in Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla, North Africa.

Three people including a 15-year-old girl were found in separate cars at the Beni-Enzar border between Morocco and Melilla on May 24.

Two hid in special compartments behind the dashboard and a third was under a rear seat.

Two were treated by medics for asphyxia, disorientation and joint pain.

A fourth person was also found on May 24 under a truck in the Melilla port.

In recent years, thousands of migrants seeking a better life in Europe have tried to enter Spain via its two enclaves in North Africa, Melilla and Ceuta with some scaling huge fences topped by razor wire.

In January, a woman was caught smuggling a teenage African migrant hidden in her suitcase into Ceuta.