Libyan gov’t forces progress against east-based army in southern Tripoli


Forces of the UN-backed Libyan government on Saturday progressed against the rival east-based army in south of the capital Tripoli, as the armed conflict continues between the two parties.

“Following a well-established plan, our forces managed to progress in two axes in southern Tripoli, destroyed a number of vehicles belonging to Haftar’s forces (army), and captured a number of their fighters,” Mohamed Khalid, a field commander of the government forces, told Xinhua.

“We progressed several kilometers and the clashes are still going on violently,” Khalid added, confirming one of their soldiers was killed and five others were injured.

The government’s air force did not carry out any attacks on the army forces due to bad weather conditions, Khalid said.

The east-based army, led by General Khalifa Haftar, has been leading a military campaign since early April to take over Tripoli from the Government.

The fighting so far killed 562 people and injured 2,855 others, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The army is allied with the east-based government, as Libya is politically divided between eastern and western governments.

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