Three people killed in attack on Burkina Faso church

A picture taken on October 30, 2018 shows Burkinabe gendarmes sitting on their vehicle in the city of Ouhigouya in the north of the country. Issouf Sanogo / AFP (file photo) |
Burkina Faso has been targeted by jihadist attacks since 2015. The raids began in 2015 in the north before targeting the capital Ouagadougou and other regions, notably in the east. (AFP)

At least three people were killed by heavily armed individuals on Sunday at a Catholic church in the town of Toulfe in northern Burkina Faso.

The gang attacked the church as worshippers celebrated Sunday mass, according to a security source who spoke to AFP.

The attack is the latest in a series of attacks on Christian targets in the West African country in a country where Christians and Muslims have traditionally co-existed peacefully.

Christians make up about one-third of Burkina Faso’s population while Muslims make up about two-thirds of the population.

At least four Catholics who were in a religious procession in Burkina Faso’s northern region were killed earlier this month.

Before that, at least six people, including a priest, were killedfollowing an attack targeting a church in the village of Dablo.

Burkina Faso has been struggling with jihadist violence since 2015 which has resulted in hundreds of people being killed.

Christian religious leaders and Muslim religious leaders, whom jihadists do not consider radical enough, are targeted by the extremists.

The violence and attacks have forced tens of thousands to flee from their homes in the past few months.