Nine killed in tribal clashes in South Sudan

Violence errupted between rival tribes in South Sudan’s eastern region of Boma. (File photo)

At least nine people were killed and one has been left in critical condition following a renewed wave of violence between two rival tribes in South Sudan’s eastern region of Boma, officials said Monday.

A local official from Boma State told UN-run Radio Miraya that the clashes happened on May 17 and the situation still remained volatile amid fears of revenge attacks.

“This was a very big attack. Nine people were confirmed dead and one person critically injured. Herds of cattle where actually taken, and it looks like a coordinated attack,” Natabu Abraham, Boma’s state minister of local government, told Radio Miraya.

Parts of eastern South Sudan have suffered decades of communal and tribal violence, mainly linked to child abduction, livestock theft and rivalry over grazing land.