CAF President Ahmad visits DR Congo leader Tshisekedi with Etoó

Photo courtesy/Presidence RDC
PHOTO/Presidence RDC

CAF President Ahmad Ahmad led a powerful African football delegation to meet DR Congo leader Felix Tshisekedi in Kinshasa on Saturday.

The leader of Africa’s football governing body was accompanied by his second Vice-President Constant Omari as they visited the state house to confer with the leader.

Cameroonian football star Samuel Etoó was also part of the delegation as Ahmad met the DR Congo leader for the first time since he was voted into office in January.

The visit to the Presidency was organised Omari, who is also the leader of the DR Congo FA, as the trio were in the country on private visit.

Even though the visit was private the talks undoubtedly centred on football as President Tshisekedi is an ardent football fan with a keen eye on the national team.

CAF President Ahmad has been on a mission of ensuring smooth working relationship between governments and their local FAs and has so far forged strong relationships with leaders