Zambia leaders thank Chinese firms for helping create jobs in the region

Chinese firms to construct Economic Zone in central Zambia. Courtesy: Xinhua
Chinese firms to construct Economic Zone in central Zambia. Courtesy: Xinhua

Chinese enterprises in Zambia have been commended for their efforts in supplementing the Zambian government efforts in creating jobs, a civic leader said on Wednesday.

Nathan Chanda, Mayor of Luanshya town in the Copperbelt Province, said Chinese nationals have created jobs for the locals in varied sectors in the town that is heavily reliant on mining.

Chanda called on Zambians to be committed to work when employed by the Chinese-run enterprises in the town and the country as a whole.

Some Luanshya residents told Xinhua that they have benefited a lot from the Chinese presence. “The people of China have done a lot for us, they are creative, they have contributed to job creation,” said Charles Chisenga.

According to Chisenga, a number of projects such as mining and construction that the Chinese have embarked on have greatly benefited Zambians who are able to make their ends meets.

“We have seen projects such as the construction of the houses for the police by the Chinese,” he said.

Meanwhile, some youths in the town have appealed to the government to support cooperation with the Chinese in developing agricultural activities.

The youths observed that the Chinese are innovative and hard-working adding that they could make the province a food basket.

“If Chinese express interest in farming, let government consider giving them enough land to do food production, this should be done in collaboration with the Zambians”, said Albert Zimba.

Zimba said Chinese are hard-working people whom Zambians should engage in various projects from construction, mining, manufacturing and agriculture.

Another youth Edward Mulenga said engaging the Chinese in large scale farming projects will entail that there will be enough jobs for youths in the country.

“The Chinese have good technology, and if engaged in the farming sector, we are going to have a lot of food throughout the year as the Chinese people will be able to use their technology to produce more food in the country,” Mulenga said.

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