Ethiopia tops list for most internally displaced persons


The Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) says Ethiopia leads the world in the number of internally displaced people living within its borders.

According to the report, Ethiopia has nearly three million IDPs. Internal violence is responsible for the overwhelming majority of those displacements.

Researchers say the 2.9 million new displacements that occurred in Ethiopia are the highest in the world and four times as many in 2017.  The displacements occurred despite many important and positive political changes taking place in Ethiopia

The Oromia region, which is the country’s largest and most populous region is ground zero for most of the violence and internal displacement.

Urban centers like Addis Ababa and Somali region’s capital, Jijiga were also affected.

African countries made up seven of the top 10 countries with new displacement associated with conflict and violence. Nigeria, Cameroon, DR Congo, Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic were the other African countries which made the top 10.

Syria and Afghanistan and Yemen are the only non-African countries in the top 10

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