Caster Semenya to know result of appeal against new IAAF rules on Wednesday

Caster Semenya will on Wednesday know the result of her appeal against an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulation that would require her to reduce her testosterone levels before competing in future races.

Under the new IAAF rules, which will apply to women events between 400 metres to the mile, athletes classed as having DSDs will have to reduce their blood testosterone level to below five (5) nmol/L for a period of six months before they can compete. They must then maintain it below that level continuously.

Semenya is contesting the new rules which she terms “unfair”, and says she should be allowed to “run naturally, the way I was born”.

Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said it would publish its ruling at 1100 GMT on Wednesday.

IAAF said in 2018 that the new rules were meant to stop women with high testosterone levels gaining a competitive advantage.

Ahead of Wednesday’s ruling, Smenya has gotten backing from the South African government and some fellow athletes, including Olympic 400 metres champion Wayde van Niekerk.

“She’s fighting for something beyond just track and field, she’s fighting for woman in sports, in society and I respect her for that,” Van Niekerk told reporters last week.

“I will support her and with the hard work and talent that she’s been putting into the sport. With what she believes in and what she’s dreaming for, I’ve got a lot of respect for her.”