Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed holds talks with China’s Premier Li Keqiang


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday held talks with the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, focusing on strengthening relations between the two countries.

Ahmed arrived in China on Tuesday ahead of the second Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) forum, which will be held in Beijing on April 25-27.

Premier Li Keqiang confirmed that China will continue supporting Ethiopia’s efforts in promoting the well-being of its citizens and its economy.

After their discussions, the two leaders witnessed the signing of five agreements between their countries, further cementing the strong ties that they enjoy.

The agreements that were signed include;

  1. A five-year Belt and Road Initiative cooperation plan.
  2. A Financing agreement for development of a plaza and 12km of the ‘Beautifying Sheger’ river bank project;
  3. Provision of grants for technical cooperation.
  4. Provision of grants to go towards food aid in Ethiopia.
  5. An MoU operationalizing cooperation under FOCAC.

PM Abiy Ahmed is among tens of African Heads of State that have travelled to China for the BRI Forum.

Representatives from over 100 countries globally are expected to attend the Forum that will be presided over by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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