10 killed, 30 injured in Nigeria after policeman rams car into children


A policeman was killed by a mob after he ran over and killed 10 people and injured 30 others in Nigeria’s northeast state of Gombe.

About 30 children were injured in the incident and are in hospital receiving treatment.

Gombe state police spokeswoman Mary Mallum said the incident occurred when the policeman, who was off-duty, plowed his car into a procession celebrating Easter on Sunday.

A second person in the car, identified by police as a paramilitary member, was also killed by the mob.

Witnesses, however, claim the driver deliberately drove the car into the crowd following an argument over the procession blocking the road.

One witness said the driver had a heated argument with the children before they made way for him to pass, only for him to turn and drive into them.

Religious processions are common by Christian and Muslim adherents during festivities and religious observances in Nigeria in which roads are blocked, causing traffic chaos.

In December 2016, at least 13 Muslim school children were killed when a bus skidded off the road and rammed into a procession marking the birthday of Prophet Mohammed in Malam Side village, near Gombe.

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