Sudan’s transitional council cancels curfew

Chairman of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan on Saturday announced cancellation of the curfew in the country.

“We announce the cancellation of the curfew and release of all people tried by the emergency law,” said Al-Burhan in a statement aired live on official Sudan TV.

He also declared the dismissal of all states’ military governors and the assignment of the commanders of the military areas in the states to run the work.

The chairman voiced commitment to forming a two-year transitional civilian government to run the affairs of the country.

The civilian government will be formed in consultation with the Sudanese parties, he explained.

Notably, he promised to restructure the government institutions and dismantle all aspects based on partisan quotas.

All who prove to be involved in bloodshed will be held accountable, Al-Burhan said, vowing to maintain security and remove all barriers to free work.

Al-Burhan was appointed on Friday as the new chairman of the military council to succeed Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf who announced his resignation the same day.