Sudan military warns against disturbances

Sudan’s military leaders have warned protesters still on the streets that there will be “zero tolerance” for disturbances.

Thousands of Sudanese citizens still went to the streets even after the ouster of Omar al-Bashir from the presidency, demanding for the formation of a civilian transitional government and not military rule.

Sudan’s army announced on Thursday that it had taken over the leadership of the country following weeks of protests against al-Bashir’s rule.

The force announced that a military council would lead for two years as the country prepares to hold a presidential election.

Some protesters are however not convinced that this is the best way to go. They stayed on the streets to demand that the military leave power to civilians, fearing that leadership of the military was close to the ousted leader.

Al-Bashir has ruled Sudan for 26 years, and was one the longest serving leaders in Africa.

He is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to the military however, he could be tried inside Sudan.