Brussels Airlines flight forced back after Sudan airspace shutdown


A Brussels Airlines passenger flight headed to Kigali was forced to turn back after the Sudanese army closed its airspace following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir from the presidency.

A spokesperson from the airline’s said the decision to turn back was made because there is no authorized air route other than through the Sudanese airspace.

“There was no choice but to go back to Brussels,” Brussels Airline spokesperson Kim Daenen said. “There is no other authorized flight route to Rwanda than through Sudanese air space,” she added.

The plane had 214 passengers on board at the time.

Brussels Airlines said it would find a solution for the passengers, who may now end up using a longer route to reach Kigali.

The ouster of al-Bashir came following weeks of sustained protests, which were in the latter stages supported by the army.

A military council will now rule the country for two years as it prepares to hold a presidential election.

Reports indicate that the 75-year-old, who had ruled Sudan for 30 years, was taken into custody following the military takeover.

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