Huawei to accelerate digital transformation in South Africa


Chinese technology and smartphone giant, Huawei, has said it will collaborate with others to accelerate digital transformation in South Africa this year.

The plan was revealed during an event called Huawei’s ECO Connect South Africa 2019 by Alex Du Min, managing director of Huawei Enterprise South Africa.

Du Min said the strategy for 2019 would center on collaborations with partners and customers in order to stimulate innovations and develop leading industry-specific solutions that would provide flexible and open platforms to drive enterprise digital transformation.

He further added that will play a leading role in providing necessary infrastructure services to drive digitalization.

“Huawei will provide data center facilities, software infrastructure and technical teams, whilst the partner contributes ideas,” he said.

“Digital transformation initiatives are already in place both in private sector and public sector side. We’ve got examples of private companies in South Africa that are putting in place digitalized services in the healthcare sector,” Edwin Diender, vice president of Huawei’s Government and Public Utility Sector said.

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