Rwanda marks 25 years since genocide

Rwanda is set to hold the 25th anniversary of the 1994 genocide that killed more than 1 million people and displaced millions more in what remains one of Africa’s most brutal wars ever.

The East African nation will hold a commemoration event in Kigali on Sunday, April 7, led by President Paul Kagame who has been hailed for leading the country beyond the traumatic period.

Various leaders from across Africa and beyond have been invited to attend the commemoration dubbed #Kwibuka25.

Rwanda currently enjoys political stability, a fact that is credited for its economic, technological and infrastructural growth.

While it’s been 25 years since the deadly genocide, Rwanda’s leadership is keen to ensure the memories of the tragedy are not just swept away but are used as points of reference in reiterating the importance of peace and ethnic tolerance among citizens.

For one thing, around 60 percent of Rwanda’s population has been born since the genocide ended. This number only relies on history books, genocide memorial centers and events such as the April 7 commemoration to know how far their country has progressed in 25 years.

Through the 25 years, the country has journeyed through a path of reconciliation and rebuilding, setting the tone of unity of purpose.

This has thus enabled Rwanda to make various achievements, including being Africa’s leader in women’s representation in governance, attracting foreign investments, having one of Africa’s cleanest cities, among many others.

Now, as Rwandans prepare to remember the 1994 tragedy this weekend, the dominant message remains PEACE.