Zambia’s main trade union body warns of labor unrest due to delayed salaries


Zambia’s biggest trade union on Wednesday warned of increased labor unrest in the country if the trend of delayed salary payment persists.

Zambia Congress of Trade Union Deputy Secretary General Elaston Njovu said the trade union body expects more labor unrest against delayed salaries until the government acts on the current situation of delayed salaries especially for public workers.

He told reporters that it was time for trade unions in the country to rise against the trend of delayed salaries in both the public and private companies.

Zambia has witnessed increased levels of delayed salaries among public workers in recent months, a situation which has resulted in work stoppages.

On Tuesday, unionized workers from 62 of the 116 councils across the country went on a work stoppage demanding for unpaid salaries.

Kingsley Zulu, president of the Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union told local media that the workers will not go back to work until their salaries are paid.

The work stoppage by council workers comes barely a few days after workers from the country’s two main public universities downed tools due to delayed salaries.

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