Tanzania uses music to fight drug abuse

Kalapina urges for a holistic approach in Tanzania’s fight against drug abuse.

Tanzanian musicians have teamed up with the country’s government in efforts to fight drug abuse.

The Drug Combat Enforcement Agency has sought the services of Kalapina and other musicians as authorities step up the fight against drug abuse in the East African country.

Many Tanzanians battle drug addiction which has left their lives miserable, but the musicians hope to change this through their art.

Kalapina for instance collaborated with other artists and released a song titled “Hip Hop Bila Madawa” which translates to “Hip Hop without drugs”, which has now become a theme song in this fight.

The musician however urges for a holistic approach in this fight if Tanzania is to win.

“We save people from drugs then what next? If they have nothing to do they will relapse. So my dream for my foundation is to ensure that once we save the youths from drugs we can give them entrepreneurial skills, so they can employ themselves and move on,” Kalapina said.

Watch how this fight is fairing;