Ethiopia Airlines black boxes sent to Paris for investigation

Locals in a field where the Ethiopia Airlines plane crashed (Getty Images)

An Ethiopian delegation has flown the black boxes of the Ethiopian Airlines plane to Paris, France, for investigation.

“An Ethiopian delegation led by Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has flown the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) to Paris, France for investigation.” the company said on its official Twitter account.

The team hopes the investigation will reveal the causes behind the fatal Nairobi-bound flight that killed 157 people on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the airlines was quoted by Reuters as saying there was no capacity in Ethiopia to handle the investigation and it was believed that either the United States or a European country offered possible solutions.

The investigation comes at a crucial time for Boeing as questions mount over the safety of the 737 Max planes, its best-selling model, prompting several countries, including the United States, to suspend operations of the model. The manufacturer itself has grounded its entire fleet of 371 aircraft following the discovery of new evidence at the scene.

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