Talk Africa: China’s Political Season

Beatrice Marshall

It is political season in China as thousands of delegates & deputies converge in the capital Beijing, for the annual Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress.

Popularly known as the Two Sessions, the meetings mark a defining moment for the world’s second largest economy, as it’s foremost consultative and legislative bodies chart the way forward for the coming year.

So, what key outcomes can be expected from 2019’s Two Sessions? And what do these developments mean for other economies observing from across the world?

This week’s panelists are;

  1. Professor Xu Qinduo– Senior fellow at Pangoal Institution and Co-author of “The Rise of China and The Real Western World”
  2. David Monyae– Co-Director of The Confucius Institute at the University of Johannesburg
  3. Professor Peter Kagwanja– Chief Executive Officer and founder of Africa Policy Institute