40,000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon ordered back to northeast Nigeria


Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities have ordered 40,000 refugees in Cameroon to return to northeast Nigeria, this is according to aid agency Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

“Today we are seeing people packing up their belongings and leaving for Rann after being told by Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities to leave,” MSF’s statement read.

MSF has further raised concerns over the refugees’ possible fate due to continuing insecurity in Rann and a lack of humanitarian assistance

Earlier this month, MSF revealed that no fewer than 35,000 Nigerians crossed into Cameroon in recent weeks with the escalation of communal crises in North-east Nigeria.

MSF says the latest migration followed an upsurge in violence around the Northeast Nigerian town of Rann.

Repatriation of Nigerian refugees has increased as the crisis in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions has escalated—with over 10,000 refugees and asylum-seekers forcibly returned in the past 13 months