Sexual Violence Rampant in South Sudan’s Unity Region


Despite the signing of the peace agreement on September 12,2018 ; The UN says sexual abuse continues in parts of south Sudan targeting victims as young as eight years old .

In Unity state alone, UN investigators found that at least 175 women and girls were raped or suffered other sexual and physical violence between September and December 2018.

According to Human Rights spokesman Rupert Colville says the kind of sexual violence being committed is particularly brutal and cruel.

“The extreme brutality of the attackers appears to be a consistent feature with women and girls describing how they were brutally beaten by perpetrators with rifle butts, sticks, small firearms and cable wires if they attempted to resist their assailants or were simply gratuitously beaten after the rapes had taken place,” Colville said.

Most of the attacks reportedly have been carried out by youth militia groups and other elements allied with government forces.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights is now calling on South Sudanese authorities to protect women and girls, to promptly investigate all allegations of sexual violence, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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