Tanzania launches Africa’s 4th largest hydropower project

Officials handing over the site to contractors.
Officials handing over the site to contractors.

The government of Tanzania has unveiled a USD 3 billion hydropower project, that upon completion, will be Africa’s fourth largest hydropower station.

The contract has been awarded to a consortium of two Egyptian companies led by Arab Contractors.

Speaking during an official ceremony to officially hand over the site to contractors, the Tanzanian Minister of Energy, Merdad Kaleman, said Tanzania is committed to delivering the project through its own government funding.

“We want to deliver this project as a way to honour our Father of the Nation Mwalimu Nyerere who wanted to deliver the Rufiji Hydro Dam project but could not make it in 1980s, due to costs” he said.

According to Kaleman, the government of President Magufuli is committed to transforming the country from one ridden by power woes to an industrialized one, despite concerns voiced by some environmentalists.

The project output is almost double all current power sources combined.

He added the economic advantage of the project to the industrialising economy of Tanzania Taenergy outweighs the challenges.

“Apart from 2,115 MW electricity output, the project will unleash fishing tourism potentials and flood control mechanisms in the reservoir area,” added the Minister.

The project is expected to be completed in 3 years.