Senegal polls to proceed despite a boycott call by former president


The February 24 presidential elections in Senegal will proceed as planned despite a boycott call by former president and opposition leader Abdoulaye Wade.

The assurance came barely 24 hours after the pronouncement was issued by Wade.According to Senegalese Interior Minister ,Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, election material has already been sent to various cities across the country,

“We also transported all the equipment from Dakar. So all the main and sub-districts of Dakar as well as the all the administrations have received the different kits concerning the polling stations in their constituency. Today we are beginning the deployment of the most remote regions.”

On Tuesday, former President Abdoulaye Wade called on the population to peacefully oppose a rigged” vote in his opinion. He had also alluded to the polls being a threat to security.

“Our action will be peaceful, respectful of the law and regulations,” he stressed, explaining that the party he founded, the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), was preparing a programme of action with other opposition parties.

Campaigns for the February 24 presidential election in Senegal began on February 3.

Five candidates will contest the vote, including incumbent Macky Sall who is seeking second and final term in office.