President Kenyatta hosts DR Congo’s Tshisekedi in Nairobi


[Image Courtesy: Kenya Presidency]
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday hosted visiting Democratic Republic of Congo leader Felix Tshisekedi for bilateral talks in Nairobi.

This is Tshisekedi’s maiden tour as president since his inauguration last month. He arrived in Nairobi after visiting Angola, and will head to the Congo Brazzaville next before heading back to Kinshasa.

Uhuru pledged his country’s support  in helping the DR Congo achieve political stability, saying Kenya had valuable lessons from previous incidents of political tension.

“We will continue to help you achieve peace and stability because we have had similar experience which we can share. Our country has been able to calm down political temperatures through the famous Building Bridges Initiative,” he continued.

“Our partnership would ensure that the two sister countries achieve our founding fathers dream of a stable, secure and prosperous African continent,” said President Kenyatta.

The two leaders also meeting also focused on trade between the two countries, development and capacity building.

President Kenyatta also took the opportunity to congratulate Tshisekedi for his win in the December 30 DR Congo elections, which bore the first peaceful transfer of power for the country.