Top Chinese Embassy official visits CGTN Africa ahead of New Year celebrations

The Charge d’affaire of Chinese Embassy in Kenya Mr Li Xuhang (Black suit) during his visit to the CGTN Africa bureau in Nairobi.

Ahead of the Chinese New Year, the Charge d’affaire of Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Mr Li Xuhang, paid a courtesy call to the CGTN Africa bureau in Nairobi to wish the staff well in the year ahead.

Mr Li said the visit was in line with the Chinese government’s tradition to begin new years as a family.

The courtesy call follows a similar visit by President Xi Jinping to local residents in downtown Beijing markets, where he extended New Year’s wishes to them.

“I hope the lives of all the people in China get better and better, and that our country can become even more prosperous. I hope all of you enjoy a harmonious family and a thriving business. Happy Spring Festival,” President Xi said to the locals.

Mr Li explained to the staff of CGTN Africa that the new year, labeled the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar, was expected to bring good fortunes and tidings.

The Pig is the twelfth of The Chinese zodiac animals and is heralded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.