Tanzania Spokesperson: New Political Parties law to Enhance Political Governance, Party Democracy

Tanzania’s parliament has passed amendments to legislation that the government says are meant to enhance the democratic operation of political parties in the East African country.

The amendments “give administrative mandates to the Political Parties Registrar to oversee democracy, rule of law and accountability within the parties.”

The government says the amendments are mainly meant to ensure openness in party affairs.

In an exclusive interview with CGTN, Chief government spokesperson Dr. Hassan Abbasi said “The new amendments will see transparency in party internal elections, financial reporting and property registry.”

Responding to opposition allegations that the amendments could  turn Tanzania into “a de facto one-party state”,  the spokesperson clarified “His powers are not sweeping because first there is a legal guide on what he can and cannot do in respect of party governance and finally his decisions, according to Tanzanian laws, are subject to court scrutiny through judicial review, so any aggrieved party can appeal to the court.”

Tanzania has long been regarded as one of Africa’s most stable democracies.

The spokesperson in his statement said “Tanzania will continue to enhance its democracy and political governance to remain the peaceful land and most investor friendly country.”