Talk Africa: Kenya’s War on Terrorism


The afternoon of January 15th saw four armed gunmen and a suicide bomber storm the Dusit D2 hotel complex at 14 Riverside Drive in Kenya’s capital-Nairobi.

In the attack now claimed by extremist militant group Al-Shabab,the assailants engaged security agencies in a 19-hour ordeal, sparking comparisons to the Westgate Mall terrorist siege of 2013.

Up to 700 people were rescued in a multi-agency operation to regain control of the complex and take down the terrorists. Official figures put the death toll at 21.

In the wake of the terrorism incident at the heart of Kenyan soil, attention has been re-drawn to the East African country’s ongoing battle against terrorism.

So, what is the status of Kenya’s war on terrorism? And what other lessons can be learnt from the recent attacks in Nairobi?

On this week’s show, CGTN’s Beatrice Marshall speaks to;

Dr Mustafa Yusuf Ali– Co-Founder & Chairman The Horn International Institute for Strategic Studies

Abdullahi Abdille Shahow– Researcher, Horn of Africa- International Crisis Group