DR Congo opposition camp says met with Kabila camp over power transition


Representatives of a leading opposition presidential candidate Felix Tshisekedi say they have met with outgoing President Joseph Kabila’s camp to ensure a peaceful transfer of power, Tshisekedi’s campaign said on Tuesday.

The meeting has however been denied by Kabila’s camp.

The Democratic Republic of Congo held its long-delayed presidential election on December 30, one which the Constitution barred Kabila from running in.

If the process moves smoothly as planned, the country will witness its first peaceful transfer of power since independence.

Tshisekedi ran against the ruling party’s Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary and another opposition leader Martin Fayulu.

At a press briefing on Tuesday,  , the secretary-general of Tshisekedi’s political party, the UDPS, said the meeting between the party and Kabila’s camp was in line with peace efforts in the country.

“The two individuals (Kabila and Tshisekedi) have an interest in meeting to prepare for the peaceful and civilised transfer of power,” Jean-Marc Kabund said.

Tshisekedi’s spokesman, Vidiye Tshimanga, later said Kabila and Tshisekedi had not met personally since the election but that their representatives had convened several times.