Zimbabwe teachers threaten to strike from Tuesday

Zimbabwean teachers have threatened to go on strike from Tuesday to demand that their salaries be paid in dollars.

The decision comes following failed talks with the government on the same, adding pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to contain a runaway currency crisis.

Zimbabwe has been plagues by cash shortages which have undermined Mnangagwa’s efforts to win back foreign investors sidelined under his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Union (ZIMTA) said its members would strike as spiraling inflation has left them unable to afford basic necessities.

Government doctors have been on strike for more than one month now, also calling for their salaries to be paid in dollars.

Reuters reports ZIMTA president Richard Gundani to say that a meeting between public sector unions and acting Labour Minister July Moyo only resolved to re-start talks, but teachers would not report for duty from Tuesday.

“We were very frank to each other and all the unions agreed that workers are incapacitated and we provided sufficient justification that they are unable to work,” Gundani said.

“ZIMTA’s declaration of incapacitation stands and teachers will not go to work.”