CGTN celebrates its second anniversary

Today marks CGTN’s second birthday!

The past 730 days have been filled with stories and photos from over 2,000 CGTN staff members around the world. We review some of our achievements in the last year.

Making a brilliant debut

We rebranded our six TV channels – English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian as well as CGTN Documentary – with new colors and imagery. Along with the visual update, we launched several new programs this year including The World Today, Global Watch, The Link, Rediscovering China, Big Story

Full coverage of global news 24/7

We go where ever news happens, whether that’s at home or abroad. CGTN’s news centers in North America and Africa can generate nine hours of television output each day, in addition to five domestic news bureaus in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, and Shenyang. Our correspondents cover over 70 countries and regions.

Spreading China’s voice to the world

This year we intensified our focus on opinions, with shows like Dialogue, The Point, The Heat, World Insight and Closer to China on TV and a range of digital media formats to better articulate China’s story to the world.

Media convergence

We adapted our strategy this year, with a shift to mobile news over traditional formats. This led to the creation of the Media Convergence Center – a combined production system featuring multi-form collection, common platform sharing, personalized production, as well as multi-channel and multi-terminal distribution.

We saw tremendous growth this year, with more than 150 million active users following our new media platforms. Nearly seven million people have downloaded the CGTN app, with over 90 percent of downloads coming from outside China. Our Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian sites each saw over six million page views this year.


In growing our reach, we partnered with several international media outlets including co-producing documentaries with National Geographic, France’s TV5, and the US’ History Channel.

Collaborating with television stations from three ancient civilizations – Greece, India, and Egypt – we launched the new discussion TV series, “Dialogue of Civilizations.”

Global recognition

The South Africa-based market research group New World Wealth rated CGTN as the most neutral international news media.

Since our launch in 2016, CGTN has won more than 100 awards at festivals and competitions at home and abroad, including the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards, White House News Photographers Association contest, and Arab Radio and Television Festival.

CGTN is committed to bringing a fresh voice to this diverse community, but we do not intend to drown out the voices of others.

As we celebrate our second anniversary on New Year’s Eve, we hope that you’ll continue with us in the coming year!

We stand firm in this belief. No matter what difficulties we encounter, CGTN will keep moving forward.