China’s embassy in Cairo opens Chinese visa issuing center

China’s embassy in Cairo on Monday opened a Chinese visa application center to better serve the increasing applicants for visas to China.

“The center will work on providing high-quality services for applicants for a China visa,” Chinese ambassador to Egypt, Song Aiguo, said during the opening ceremony.

The establishment of the center came to meet the needs of the rapid development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Egypt, the ambassador said.

Song added the center aimed at developing bilateral cooperation in various fields especially people to people exchange.

“The center will bring something new and important after two years of intensive preparation and wonderful cooperation with the Egyptian foreign ministry,” the Chinese ambassador reiterated.

He highlighted the Chinese embassy’s efforts for meeting conveniently the demands of the applicants.

In 2017, about 400,000 Chinese and Egyptian nationals exchanged visits, Song said, expecting this number to hit 600,000 in 2018.