Talk Africa: The global compact for migration


It is estimated that there are at least 258 million migrants globally. This number is projected to increase in coming years, with the drivers ranging from labour movement to climate change.

In response to governing these mass movements, at least 160 countries adopted the Global Compact for Migration. About 10 others have withdrawn while the compact continues to be discussed in a host of other countries.

Adoption of the compact comes at a time when global multilateral approaches are facing mounting opposition, raising questions on whether the principle of shared responsibility for the global compact will hold.

The implications of The Global Compact for Migration on Africa, which is home to countries of origin, transit and destination for many migrants is also drawing the interest of observers across the continent and the world.





  • Leonard Doyle – Spokesperson To The Director General, International Organisation For Migration
  • Filippo Grandi – United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees


  • Lawrence Egulu – Commissioner- Employment Services, Ministry Of Gender, Labour & Social Development, Uganda
  • Professor Walter Kealin – Envoy To The Chairperson, Platform On Disaster Development