Ethiopia restructures military command

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addresses the members of parliament inside the House of Peoples’ Representatives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia April 19, 2018. Image courtesy: Reuters/Tiksa Negeri

The Ethiopian government has restructured its National Defense Force in a bid to enhance regional command.

According to Ethiopian media house FBC, the regional command had been cut down to four from six.

The new commands are Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Commands.

Citing information from chief of special operation Lieutenant General Mola, the government has reshuffled military positions under the new structure.

It has also set up a committee tasked to re-establish a naval force and a special operation command.

About 66 of the soldiers who had marched on the Prime Minister office last October were punished by a military court.

Administrative measures were also taken against other soldiers.

Even though most regional states have their security setup, the army is usually called in when insecurity goes out of the hand of local security apparatus.