Nairobi seeks Chinese help in sovling traffic problem

The leadership of Kenya’s capital has sought Chinese help in the quest for lasting solutions for chronic traffic snarl-ups in the city.

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi on Tuesday met with a delegation from Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, and discussions were held on how to efficiently decongest the city.

“The group expressed willingness to partner with my admin in implementing Nairobi’s CBD decongestion and our urban renewal plans,” Mbuvi said about the meeting.

Traffic jams are a common sight in Nairobi, a major cause for commuters spending lengthy hours on the roads each day.

In a bid to rid the Kenyan capital of the costly traffic snarl-ups, Governor Mbuvi earlier this month ordered a ban on public service vehicles from accessing the central business district, a move that widely caused confusion. Residents condemned the ban, saying it made their movements hectic.

Mbuvi later lifted the ban, but promised to introduce it again soon.

The central government is also seeking ways of ridding Nairobi of the traffic jams. One of the solution the government is looking into is the introduction of an express lanes on major highways, which will be used by public service vehicles only.