Libyan airport shut following heavy rains

An airport in Libya’s second city of Benghazi was temporarily shut on Wednesday after heavy rains caused floods in the facility.

Authorities in Benina Airport said water flooded the passenger terminal and parts of the car park, prompting the decision to halt flights.

The vice president of the airport, Osama Alfargany, said “the water came all the way into the passenger halls, which was approximately one to one and a half metres high,” according to Reuters news agency.

The airport ”took the necessary procedures and halted all flights temporarily as well as taking all safety and security measures including disconnecting the airport’s power supply,” he added.

Benghazi’s Benina Airport was only reopened in 2017 after it underwent renovations following a three-year closure during which military forces were battling armed groups.

Oil exports were also halyted due to the bad weather on Wednesday, as violent waves made the docking of tankers impossible.

The eastern oil ports of Es Sider, Ras Lanuf, Brega and Zueitina remained closed on Thursday.

Authorities in eastern Libya announced a two-day holiday following the heavy rains as most people were unable to reach or access their offices.

Heavy rain is still expected to hit the North African country on Friday, but this time forecasters project the west region will be the most affected, including the capital Tripoli.