Egypt detains 20 people suspected of human trafficking


Egypt’s Administrative Control Authority on Thursday detained 20 people accused of human trafficking, state owned MENA agency reports.

The North African country’s anti-corruption agency said the 20 were arrested in a raid, and were suspected of being involved in a series of crimes.

The report said the group was involved in “bribery, profiting from public office, forging official documents, human trafficking, prostitution and drugs” among a host of other offences.

They included persons of Egyptian, Arab and European nationalities.

An Egyptian law passed in 2016 allowed for crackdowns on the growing smuggling vice along its northern sea borders. The law prescribes prison terms and fines on those found guilty of smuggling potential migrants or playing the role of brokers or middlemen.

It also imposes prison sentences on those who provide shelter to trafficked migrants and gather, transport or otherwise facilitate their journey.