CGTN Africa: Into China

18 members of CGTN Africa visited China for the Short-Term Visit Program of Outstanding Overseas Employees in Chinese Media, organised by the Communication University of China.

Here, they engaged in a number of activities aimed at enhancing their understanding of China’s culture and economic prospects.

“This was perhaps the most important visit for me,” CGTN Reporter Robert Nagila said.

“In the training, we got to talk to quite a lot of people on the ground – we met quite a few people, very nice people. They treated us really well, as well. We attended a few lectures by Chinese professors, as well. Touched on quite a few subjects, from democracy to the standard of living in China – poverty alleviation in China. It was eye opening, absolutely eye opening.”

Iolanthe Chepkemboi, CGTN Africa Deputy director, Broadcasting Operations said: “As an African, this training could not have come at a better time. Especially when we are thinking of alleviating poverty. Africa has a very high percentage of people living below the poverty line, people living below 1$ per day. So, going to Lankao, I saw the perfect model for how people were uplifted from poverty to comfortable lives.”

The Short-Term Visit Program allows journalists to witness China opening up and takes them on a journey through the country’s rapid development.

With this, journalists can experience a new China and tell their story to the world.