Chinese road construction firm saves Kenya market from fire


A Chinese road construction company is receiving thanks for helping put out a fire at a shopping center in Kenya.

Emloyees with Sinohydro Road Construction Company were busy making improvements to Kibwezi-Mutomo-Kitui road when the fire broke out at nearby marketplace.

An eyewitness says a cooking stove exploded near a petroleum oil jerry can inside one of the shops and started the fire. 

Sinohydro employees quickly sprung into action and rushed to the scene  with a water truck. Their action helped keep flames from spreading to nearby shops and buildings. The situation was already under control by the time county government fire fighters arrived.

Locals said the quick response from the Sinohydro workforce helped save lives and further destruction of property in the small shopping center.

“The fierce fire would have consumed all five shops in the lane where the particular shop was burning were it not for the help proffered by Sinohydro corporation workers” an elder in the market said.

A top Sinohydro corporation official said the company will always come to the rescue of local residents when called upon to assist in line with its corporate social responsibility obligations.