Talk Africa: Good governance in Africa  

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation released the 2018 Ibrahim Index of Africa Governance (IIAG) report this week.

Over the last decade, Overall Governance has on average maintained a moderate upward trend, with three out of four of Africa’s citizens now living in a country where governance has improved.

However, the 2018 IIAG Report also shows that despite strong GDP growth over the last ten years, Africa has failed to generate economic opportunities for its booming youth population.

On Talk Africa with Beatrice Marshall  this week, Mo Ibrahim talks of why African governments need to rely on data to drive policy making.

This weeks guests are:


Professor Peter Kagwanja – President and CEO of the Africa Policy Institute and former International Crisis Group Regional Director.

Dr Ola Bello – Executive Director, Good Governance Africa and former Head of SAIIA’s Governance of Africa’s Resources Program

Gideon Chitanga -Political Analyst, Centre for the study of Democracy and Elections, Governance and Democracy Consultant.