DR Congo army donates vehicles for December election

[Courtesy: BBC]

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s army has donated lorries to the country’s electoral body ahead of the December presidential election.

Dozens of the lorries were seen driving through the capital, Kinshasa, on Monday as the country gears up for the vote.

According to the commission, 300 lorries, 10 planes and 10 helicopters will be deployed for the exercise on 23 December, mainly to distribute material to various parts of the country.

Should the election go on as planned, the DR Congo will witness a peaceful transfer of power for the first time since its independence in 1960.

President Joseph Kabila will not be a candidate in the vote, as he is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term.

The vote was initially scheduled for November 2016, but the electoral authority at the time said it was unable to conduct it due to logistical challenges.

Opposition leaders however alleged that Kabila was frustrating the electoral process in order to cling on to power, accusations he denied.

Electronic voting machines will be used in the election.

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