Angola seeks UN help in anti-graft war


The government of Angola has requested the United Nations to assist it in its fight against corruption.

The move is in line with President Joao Lourenco’s bid to rid the oil-rich country of graft.

Lourenco’s administration hopes the UN can help it recoup some graft proceeds that are stacked beyond its borders.

Last month Angola also asked the United States to help repatriate stolen money and support the country with other reforms.

President Lourenco, who took over from Jose Eduardo dos Santos last year ending of a 38-year reign, made fighting corruption a major focus of his rule after taking over.

He has since made bold moves, including sacking Dos Santos’ relatives from top state jobs due to graft allegations.

Angola is Africa’s leading oil exporter, and it has a population of 26 million.

It is not clear how much money Angolan nationals have illegally stashed abroad.

Other than the US, it is believed that Angolan nationals have hidden graft proceeds in the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa and Cape Verde.

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