Talk Africa:Recovering Africa’s lost artefacts

Africa is a continent with a  rich cultural heritage. But since the 1800’s, innumerable priceless artefacts have been  looted from their home countries. Recently though, there has been a growing push from Africa to reclaim its lost art.

In what could be  a response to this drive, France’s President Macron announced the appointment of two experts to work on feasible plans to repatriate African art currently held in French museums.

This week on Talk Africa, we speak to experts from Europe and Africa about why these Artefacts should be returned, and what the best way of doing this is.

Jahman Anikulapo (from Lagos): Artist, Culture Communicator and Advocate  
Bassam Al Shamaa (from Cairo) Archaeologist and Advocate for the return of lost art
Bruno Verbergt, (from Brussels) Deputy Director of the Royal Museum for Central Africa