Fuel shortage looms in Kenya as distributors strike


A crippling fuel shortage looms in Kenya after petroleum distributors downed their tools on Monday in protest against the government’s decision to impose a 16 percent tax increment on the product.

Petroleum tankers have been abandoned in depots as distributors seek to pile pressure on the government to rescind its decision to increase the levy, which in turn has hiked the cost of petroleum products.

Several petrol stations within the capital Nairobi have remained shut due to lack of the products. Other stations with petrol have been jammed by vehicles seeking to re-fuel.

Distributors are adamant they will remain on strike until the tax increase is reversed.

Civilians have already begun feeling the pinch of the government’s decision, as public transport operators hiked travel costs on Monday.

Kenyans on social media have also been sharing their experiences, with some telling tales of agony in their quest to fuel their vehicles.

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