UK to increase military support to Nigeria


The UK will increase its military support to Nigeria to help protect Nigerians and Britons in the country from terror attacks, visiting UK Prime Minister Theresa May said in Abuja on Wednesday.

“We are determined to work side by side with Nigeria to help them fight terrorism, reduce conflict and lay the foundations for the future stability and prosperity that will benefit us all,” May said.

The PM is on a tour of Africa, aimed at boosting the UK’s relations with African states.

May said her country would provide specialist equipment and training to Nigerian forces to counter the use of improvised explosive devices (IED) by Islamist insurgents.

She has also agreed a £10.5m package to help victims of modern slavery.

As part of this, the UK will provide counselling to up to 1,700 people who have been subjected to forced labour, domestic servitude and sexual abuse, and help them re-integrate into their communities.

A joint initiative with France will also see the UK assist Nigeria and Niger strengthen their border cooperation to prevent trafficking of migrants to Libya and Europe.

The UK has trained some 30,000 Nigerian troops since 2015.

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