Chinese doctor changing lives in Zambia

Chinese cardiologist Wang Weimin, has been offering medical care in Zambia for over a year.

Since the 1960s, China has routinely sent medical teams to Africa to provide assistance to over 40 countries.

In that period, more than 20,000 Chinese doctors have assisted in the continent’s many health needs.

One such doctor, Wang Weimin, has been offering medical care in Zambia for over a year now.

The cardiologist’s stint in the southern African country is however coming to an end.

Weimin and other Chinese medical practitioners will return to their country, and will be replaced by a new team.

Zambians that worked with the team are nostalgic about their imminent departure.

“They are leaving. I feel so bad. Zambia will lose out a lot, because they were really helping us out. So I’m feeling bad, and I’m hoping when they go back, they have a safe safe life, and (they could) come back here, so that they can continue helping us here.” Kabonde Naomi, a Zambian doctor at the Levy Mwanawasa hospital said.

Weimin’s team has offered their serviced to thousands of Zambians in the one-year period, but most importantly for them, they have enhanced China-Zambia relations.

“We have established a strong friendship with the local people over the past year, especially with our Zambian colleagues,” Weimin said.

China’s friendship with Zambia and Africa at large will be on display next month in Beijing what the city hosts the 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit.

Tens of African leaders are expected to attend the Forum, which will he held under the theme; “China and Africa: Toward an Even Stronger Community with a Shared Future through Win-Win Co-operation.”