South African students granted bursaries to study in China

Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian is joined by other officials from the two countries in a send-off ceremony for the students. held in Pretoria.

China is increasingly becoming a popular destination for African students seeking higher education abroad.

In South Africa, a group of learners landed an opportunity to pursue their studies in various fields, ranging from Agriculture to Engineering.

The students received scholarships from the Chinese government to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral studies in various fields.

They are due to depart for China in a few weeks, where they will join hundreds of other students who are already on the same programme there.

The education exchange programme is part of a high-level people-to-people exchange initiative established between China and South Africa.

Speaking at a send-off ceremony organized for the students, the Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian said the program not only offers an opportunity to further their studies, but also enhances cooperation between the two countries.

“China-South Africa people-to-people exchanges has not only become an important part of our comprehensive strategic partnership, but also a front runner in China-South Africa and China-African cooperation. Our high level people to people exchange mechanism is the first of its kind between China and Africa,” he said.

The ambassador encouraged these students to become envoys of the two countries and work for a better future in the bilateral relationship.